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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tongue planted firmly in cheek

I started this blog as a family journal.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my blog would make me famous. Really and truly famous. How many of you have a song, performed by Britney Spears no less, written about you? I'm sure my agent is calling for a press conference as we speak. Expect to see me on the cover of People magazine, baby.

This is huge.

Are you curious about the song? Do not say, "Oops, I did it again." I know it's oddly fitting but that would be far too cliche.

No, I'm referring to this:

We were riding along in my mommy bus (aka the minivan) and my mind was wandering. The radio was playing in the background, doing it's thing, when one of my daughters interrupted my reverie with, "Hey mom! That song on the radio -- that song's about you!" I jerked myself back to reality and started listening to the song... Womanizer, Womanizer, Oh, You're a womanizer, Oh..."

Oh, crap is more like it. That's just what I want my 6 year old repeating. We always listen to Cd's for just this reason -- radio is completely unpredictable in this day and age, and I forgot to turn it off. Where's that Hannah Montana CD anyway?

I hit the off button and asked my daughter what on earth she was talking about. I've been called many things in my time (brilliant, fantastic, gorgeous... delusional) and womanizer is not one of them. She was insistent, though, so I asked her what specifically she thought they were singing and why for the love of God she thought it was about me. She replied with:

Organizer, organizer
You're an organizer

Apparently she's not singing womanizer... it's organizer. I recognized this for the win that it was. We've spent plenty of time on the birds and the bees here and here. I don't have the mental fortitude to think of a half-baked explanation of what constitutes a womanizer. And I am an organizational freak of nature so Brit Brit could certainly be singing worse things about me, right?

I think in Abby's mind the song went something like this:

Walking round
Like you are normal
I'm good for you
If you can't find the right solution
I guess when you've got one too many
Under bed storage crates
It's what you are
It's what you are, mommy

Cookies, treats, and candies too
I have got
just the storage spot for you
Make it complicated but
There's no way I'm ever gonna let you loose
Not in my pantry, baby

Organ - organizer
You're an organizer
Oh organizer,
Oh you're an organizer baby
You, you, you are
You, you, you are
Organizer, Organizer, Organizer...


Cassie said...

I like your version sooo much better. I wish it were true of me. My song would be
I am a disorganizer baby.....

Anonymous said...

OMG- you ARE totally famous.

I love it.

Now I'm going to be walking around singing Organizer all day.

Mary K Brennan said...

So I get to say to people: "I remember Kathy B. when she was just a Mommy Blogger." Congrat's!
Love the lyrics.
Can I get an autograph?

Megryansmom said...

Good Morning Kathy B's mom! Plant yourself firmly in the chair before you head over to read this morning's post.

ps Kathy, I think mom already knows LOL

Have a great Tuesday

Gibby said...

OMG, this is too funny! You are so creative! I will have to sing this song to my girls, because unfortunately, they love "Womanizer." I know, I know, I am a horrible mother for letting them listen to it. My cousin made me a dance CD and this song was on it, and once they heard it, they were hooked. Chuckles asked me what a womanizer was and of course I stuttered. I said something like...oh, a girl who likes boys. I am a terrible mother!!! Why, oh why couldn't they have thought the word was organizer??

Gibby said...

And to your previous comment makes me look so dumb. I know that a womanizer is NOT a girl who likes boys, but I panicked!

Hillbilly Duhn said...

LMAO! I just spit coffee on my screen! That's awesome!

I love that you changed the lyrics. That was great.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

You crack me up! I love your lyrics! Can you & Brit come organize my playroom?

daisigirl said...

You are so hilarious! Brittany is a scary young woman! Thank goodness my daughter is still into The Jonas Bros and iCarly and all that jazz!

Carina Gardner said...

Organizer!!! lol! Man, that song fits me better than I thought! Thanks for dropping by the blog Kathi!!!! You are my only dedicated "commenter"!

D said...

I love it.

My favorite line:

Organ - Oraganizer.

Seeker said...

Just catching up on all my the song, love the pool and really love the "no coat" story. Glad that i am a follower of your blog...very creative.

As for know how i feel about it....COME ALREADY....

Minxy Mimi said...

OMG!!! Awesome rendition. you ought to Vlog it!

ck said...

Normally I'm not a Brittney fan, but I decided to give her a shot and busted some hot new moves to your fresh rendition.

Rock on, KathyB!

Jen said...

this is just too funny! I loved this post!!!!

sunnymom said...

That is so hilarious!!!!! Tooters and I love that CD and I will never hear it the same way again. I gave up trying to censor Tooters music after my mom introduced her to the edited version of Eminem. So thankfully we share the same taste in music and I can finally retire the Wiggles and Crazy Frog lol.

Kristina P. said...

I woulde definitely let her think that the song is about an Organizer.

Anonymous said...

YOu've made the big time. I wish I can grow-up to be just like you!

4riddles said...

Wow...Take the compliments however they can come in from the kidlings! Being an "ORGANIZER" is a pretty great compliment.
I actually took the time to play the song and sing your lyrics with it!
EXCELLENT and oh so funny too!

ScoMan said...

Hahah That's what we call in the music business a "mondegreen" (okay, so I'm not actually in the music business and I learned that from a TV show)

My favourite one is from the song "Bad Moon Rising"

Don't go out tonight
Or it's bound to take your life
There's a bathroom on the right
(Instead of there's a bad moon on the rise)

: ) said...

KathyB! I really hope I meet you someday. I'm curious what your real life personality is like!!!

This post was soooo funny. You should do a version of the whole song instead of just a couple verses. You could be the next Weird Al.

forever folding laundry said...

I love it! "Baby You're an Organizer" - definitely the mom theme song.

My son things Beyonce is singing "All the single lettuce" instead of single ladies. =)


3 Bay B Chicks said...

Um, my friend, you know that I have nothing but love for Britney. Maybe if I finally become her back-up dancer, you could take over the song-writing responsibilities. We'd be unstoppable...think about it. We could even blog while on tour with her.

Come back to California. Keri and I are going to Britney's concert next month. Join us!


Anonymous said...

I'd for sure listen to that over Britney!!

BTW, is that really your backyard with the pool? If it is, my bags are there on Friday! :)

Anonymous said...

Brit Brit,'re a crazy woman. A crazy woman who has a heck of a great blog!

Susie said...

That is tooooooo funny!! I am an organizer too:-)

tlc said...

My favorite is "not in my pantry, baby"

I feel 'dat!

Meg said...

How is it I was not following this blog? Seriously? How?

I have some reading to do.

I think that's awesome that Britney writes songs about you. That's so cool!

Anonymous said...

That`s my Kathy. Love, MOM

Becca said...

KathyB that is too funny. My nephews sing this song all of the time. I have never heard it before. Thanks for including the music. They also sing some song about apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur. I have no clue. I think it is too funny that they thought that it said organizer! I just love it. I know my kids would not be singing about me that way! lol Thanks for the giggles again!


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CynthiaK said...

Well, I think your lyrics are much better than the original. When do we get to see the accompanying video?!

Helene said...

OH.MY.GOSH. I couldn't stop laughing while reading that!! Girl, you are hilarious with a capital H!!! I love your version of the song much better than Britney's!

Jessica said...

Funny stuff. Totally understand the whole radio thing. My son always questions the song I kissed a Girl and I liked it. He tells me it makes no sense a girl kissing a girl and we leave it at that.

Brandy said...

LOL! That's sooo funny! I mean how many songs have I found out had a totally different meaning now then what I thought when I was little.

Like Cyndi Lauper and She-Bop...never in a million years.

You must be one heck of an organizer!

Donnetta said...

I bet those are TOTALLY the lyrics!

ymK said...

Hilarious! YOu're lucky your kid made up better and decent lyrics on her own. I had to make up, 'When you see my face hope it gets you well, hope it gets you well!'
I like the song, did not want to turn radio off, and she kept bugging me to tell her what they were saying.
What can a mom do :P

Zeemaid said...

love it. good thing she suffers from selective hearing. *L*

Anonymous said...

Haha!!! This was one of those posts I burst out laughing at and my hubby thinks I'm crazy! Organizer! Love it!

Sturgmom said...

I'm DYING over here!!! That's HI-larious!

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Ah. . . good one ~ LOL! I remember those days with the young ones!

Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog and I am soooo laughing out loud at your version. Much better than the original I must say! Great post!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Renee said...

LOL this is the blog that got me hooked on your site! I love this one your version is MUCH better:-)

scrappysue said...

that is so cute! i love it when kids get the lyrics of songs wrong. as for britney - ick, ick, and double ick!