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Friday, January 16, 2009

Part II

Yesterday I promised to tell you about my google research. Well, guess what?

My name is KathyB! and I will be your cruise director

Behold the proof from cruise (CC):

CC: "First, I'll tell you that cruise directors, if they're going to succeed, need to be self-assured and assertive leaders who can multi-task. Thin skins (taking things personally) are a detriment."

KathyB!: We're off to a good start! I can multi-task like nobody's business (well, except for that day when I blew up the eggs) and my skin is tough. My skin has to be tough. Every night I make dinner, and every night someone looks as though they're being forced to eat rat poison. A thin skinned person would have dialed for carry-out a looong time ago.

CC: "Some folks think that a position such as cruise director is a fluff job, one that people do for fun. It can be quite fun, mind you, but there are tremendous responsibilities."

KathyB!: Hmmm. Sounds suspiciously like the eternal debate between working moms and stay at home moms. I am so not going there.

CC: "The cruise director must have full knowledge of ships' safety procedures and security measures, and keep staff informed of appropriate behavior and conduct."

KathyB!: Oh, Cruise Critic! You know just how to talk to me. Nothing makes me happier than having the proper rules in place. What kind of household, or should I say ship, would I be running without rules governing, say, the release of bodily gases... or limiting nudity in the backyard.

CC: "Exhausted yet? The cruise director must organize schedules for a staff of special guest performers and on-staff entertainers for regular onboard programs. The position requires a professional with... confidence in working with large numbers of people, and an ability to keep their cool in even the most trying circumstances."

KathyB!: Why yes, I am exhausted. Thanks for asking. I, too, have to schedule birthday parties, play dates, sleepovers, and an endless succession of activities and trips when the kids are out of school. As for working with large numbers of people, well, I have four kids. If they each have one friend over, or better yet two, we are talking large numbers of people. This means that I must coach etiquette, keep sisters separate during conflicting play dates, and create wondrous art from plaster of paris (I'll post about that next week.).

As for keeping my cool in trying situations, well, I made it past that embarrassing situation with the police. It's all been downhill from there.

CC: "It's also important that cruise directors have a distinct personality -- whether it is strong and irritatingly sweet, or painfully patient and aggressive."

KathyB!: Fabulous - my personality is absolutely distinct. I have no concept of how to categorize myself: quiet, sarcastic, shy, witty, busy, caring and patient. I may defy easy labeling, but my personality is, without a doubt, unique.

CC: "No two cruises have ever been the same."

KathyB!: Sigh. That sounds about right. No two days are ever the same. It's truly a labor of love here on the Love Boat.


Anonymous said...

You are exactly right. Sure sounds a whole lot like being a mom!

Anonymous said...

They asked exhausted yet way too early in the job discription. Honestly, you probably do that and more, which would be exhausting :-)

Gibby said...

Oh. My. Gosh. We are so underpaid. And where are the perks of a cruise director? I see no ocean! I see no beach! And there certainly is NO umbrella in my drink!!
Great post, I loved it! Have a good weekend, hope you have planned a ton of GREAT activities! ;)

debrae64 said...

"Love, exciting and new....come aboard, we're expecting you...." Sounds like you found your and every mom's perfect job! Ahoy! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Girl... that does not even LOOK like you?!? And I just saw you last week...

Gibby said...

I gave you an award on my blog...come see!

Kathy B! said...

Yes, yes that's me. And yes, it is a horrid picture. Thanks for pointing that out Anonymous! You need to sign your name next time :)

That was the beauty of this post. The photo shoot I did with the kids killed at least an hour!

evenshine said...

You just look so darn perky. Will Captain Stubing be serving drinks later on the Lido deck? Cause I'll sure take some time off for THAT.

Kathy B! said...

Perky? Ha! That's me with my eyes glazed over counting down the hours until daddy gets done at work so that HE can be the family clown for awhile :)