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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Apocalypse now

Signs of apocalypse typically include war, famine, pestilence, crime and disaster.

In the world according to me apocalypse is preceded by four children who spend two and a half hours at the kitchen table. Of their own volition. Without fighting. While cooperating with each other. And thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Doing educational workbooks.

The whole thing started with a throw-down over the Mini-Page. The Mini-Page comes once a week in our local newspaper. It's a section for kids with word searches, puzzles and educational news written at an elementary level. And it's like gold in the Belinski household.

On this particular day A&E came down together in the morning and the first thing out of Abby's mouth was an inquiry about whether today was the Mini-Page day. Before anyone could even answer A&E both shrieked in unison, "I get it!" They then proceeded to squabble about who, in fact, would receive the page.

To make a long story short the page ended up torn into sections so that multiple kids could work on it. Everyone was happy, so I casually left the scene and returned with some workbooks. Educational workbooks. I mentioned, offhandedly, that I had these other books that were full of all sorts of fun activities and puzzles, and that they could give those a shot if they were interested.

I didn't expect them to do more than glance at the books. I certainly didn't expect them to work on them for more than two hours. And I would've laughed in your face if you told me that Hannah would ask me to teach her long division.

And so it is that I must conclude that either a) hell has frozen over, or b) the end of the world is upon us. I didn't hear any loud cracking that I would associate with a massive freezing of the earth's inner core so I'm eliminating the first option and assuming apocalypse. I'm going to go upstairs now. If the beds are made, and rooms are tidy, and yesterday's underwear is not thrown haphazardly into the corner, then I will come back to apprise you. You'll need to prepare.
Because the end will surely be upon us....


sunnymom said...

Wow all four calm and happy in the same breathing space for that long is a miracle in any house hold. I am still glad I only have one kid but then again I was blessed with an unusual child that asks for peas and something healthy for snacks, loves to write in her journal, and begs me to exercise/jog with her. She is almost 7 and I still do not know what I did to her lol.

Gibby said...

How lucky are you! It looks more like heaven than the apocalypse to me! (But let me know about the beds and the state of their rooms, just in case...)

Anonymous said...

Oh God! The end of the world is upon us!! *shriek*
At least you have the photographic evidence for later. Way to go!