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Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a little long...

After my last post I exchanged a few emails with ladies who had left comments. A consistent theme was that I don't really talk much about myself. Well, duh! With all the stupidity that is busting out around me, how am I supposed to focus on me?! Anyway, at exactly the same time my bloggy buddy at Polymer Clay Snails tagged me for a meme that just happens to be about... ME! I usually don't participate because I think I'm about as interesting as the dried goo on the stove top from when I let the pasta boil-over last week, but... if you really wanna know... I'll tell you...

What’s your current obsession?
Mexican food. I swear I could eat it 7 days a week. And put some fresh cilantro in it. Somewhere. Anywhere. Mmmmm.... And my true guilty pleasure? Taco Bell sauce. I love fresh salsa, but there is something about that processed, artificial watered-down tomato paste that just does it for me.
If you could change your name, what would it be and why?
The Duchess of... Whatever comes after that doesn't really matter. I don't want to be a queen or anything, just lower level royalty who has servants at her beck and call. It's not like I'm greedy or anything.

Why is today special?
First communion day for my eldest daughters. Better late than never, right?!

What would you like to learn to do?
I'd like to learn to speak Spanish. I hate that there are all these conversations going in which I can not participate.

What’s for dinner today?
Egg white omelet with spinach and some sliced watermelon. It was healthy, and it was the right choice.... It tasted like crap. I should have put some Taco Bell sauce on it.

What’s the last thing you bought?
A ton of really cute clothes for my girls. And groceries. I always hear stories about how little girls don't eat much. Apparently I'm raising a pack of dogs in peak lactation. Did you know that a dog in peak lactation can eat four times her body weight? Well, they can. And so can my girls. I buy a lot of groceries.

What are you listening to right now?
Slamming doors. I should really do something about that before someone loses a finger. We've come close to finger loss once or twice. From the sounds of things right now we could actually be successful this time.

What’s your most challenging goal right now?
To figure out what I want to do with my life. I quit the corporate job that I loved after I had my first baby. Then I had three more. I am good at making babies, but I can't really make a career of it. Now that my four are in school all day I'm sort of at loose ends. I need a plan.

What do you think about the person who tagged you?
I think she's as cool in real life as I am in my imagination. And in my mind I am FABULOUS.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
Beachfront somewhere in Australia. Or New Zealand, maybe? I'm not really well enough traveled to answer this question!

What would you like to have in your hands right now?
A new baby. I'm thinking of taking in emergency foster kids. I really have a gift for infants. I'm just not sure my heart can take the circumstances. I don't know if I'm strong enough to say good-bye.

What would you like to get rid of?
All the fruits and veggies in the fridge. I'd replace it with cheesecake, ice cream and, of course, MEXICAN FOOD!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Sea kayaking with my hubby on the Monterey Bay in Northern California.
What super power would you like to possess?
I would fly like Superman. I think it would be fun. And can you imagine how much stress it would relieve if you could just take a lap around the world to clear your head?!

What’s your favorite piece of clothing in your own closet?
I have a pair of black sweat pants with a hot pink stripe down the side. I have a pink top that matches the stripe and a black quilted vest that I wear with it. It's like walking around in my p.j.'s all day. Heaven.

What’s your dream job?
Back in the day I got an undergraduate degree in Biology/pre-med. I was accepted to UCLA medical school, but bailed out when a counselor mentioned that I'd be $250,000 in debt by the time I was finished. I think I would've been a kick ass doctor. In fact I almost started med. school this fall but it didn't work out and, honestly, it's not the right choice for my family. It has all the makings of a dream job.

If you had $150 now what would you spend it on?
New make-up. I'm of an age where fresh-faced doesn't look so fresh anymore. Enough said.

What fashion show would you want tickets to?
That gal with the fab sweatpants. Oh, she doesn't exist? Maybe fashion isn't my gig.

Who’s closet would you want to raid?
Not sure. I think I'd rather ask for an intervention from the folks at What Not to Wear.

What are you most proud of?
My kids, but that's not a very fun answer. My number two? I'm proud of my choices. Somewhere along the way I found a little pearl of wisdom, and it states that hard work and perseverance will get you pretty much anywhere you want to go. If you want it and you are willing to work for it, then you can do it. You just have to know what you want.

The rules:

I was supposed to delete one questions and then add a question of my own, but I inadvertently left a couple questions out. I don't understand.... I did copy... And I did paste... Why isn't it all here?! I'll take these omissions as my creative input.

I'm also supposed to tag 7 people, but I'm not going to do that. If you're still reading, you're tagged!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I also love a little texmex.

If you figure out your life plan could you help me next? Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Love Mexican food! Went to El Chico's last night!

Laoch of Chicago said...

I used to have an unreasonable love for Mexi-melts from the Belle. I wonder if there is a rehab program for that?

Sapphire said...

Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself KB!! You are too funny with the Taco Bell sauce. Us chewy moms do have our processed weaknesses, don't we?
Happy Monday!!!
And I will do this meme for tomorrow!

Megryansmom said...

Good Monday morning! That was a fun MEME, but I'm going to pass, there is really nothing interesting about me :( well other than my brush with swine flu last week

Alice said...

Really interesting stuff. Which question did you add of your own? I always enjoy your blogs

Lindy said...

This was good. I love that you just bought your girls clothes...isn't that the answer for all Mom's on the "last thing you bought" - it's always something for the kids. :)

I'm all about cute sweatpant outfits!

Anonymous said...

Fun! P.C.S. tagged me too and I'll be doing mine tomorrow. I think you'd make a kick-ass doctor---go for it! :) It was fun to learn more about you. BTW, I eat egg-whites all the time and they do suck. Totally.

Mary K Brennan said...

I learn a little more about you everyday. First, congrats to the girls for celebrating their First Communion. Next, nothing beats a great sweat outfit. Lastly, if you come up with something interesting to keep yourself busy while the girls are in school, could you shoot me an email? Scooter starts Pre-school in September. I think the excitement will wear off by October when I realize that I'm not having any more babies and the corporate world doesn't want me back.

zelzee said...

I love to read these, and learn a bit more about the bloggers that I really enjoy and visit every day!

Your posts are great! I always look forward to them!

Reading your answers, answered my personal question.......yes, I am a very boring person! (And I'm not really crazy about these memes.....don't quite "get" them, as I am so new)

Juls said... Mexican food here, it's a staple.

Yes, out of all of that interesting info you just shared, I keep thinking about mexican food.(And it was in fact, interesting..and I do not think you are one bit boring by the way....)

...The Obnoxious SAHM.... said...

LOL I loved you answers....and yep fresh face here... not so much either. LOL

Pam said...

Kathy B! I am so glad I found you! You make me laugh so hard and I can relate to practially everything you said. From your love of fresh cilantro to wanting to be a doctor. You rock, girl!

kristi said...

Great post!!! I love mexican food too, the hotter the better!

Kristina P. said...

I think you would make a great foster mom! But, I will warn you, that it's hard! I worked as a caseworker for DCFS for several years.

D said...

I think you should go for the doctor gig. You'd be great!

Just pick something and start pursuing it. It may lead to something else but at least you'll be putting your energy toward finding out what you do want to do.

Susie said...

What a great getting-to-know-you post!!

the ungourmet said...

Oh, I don't know, Superman's outfit isn't all that cute. Wonder Woman on the other hand was so fashionable and she got to ride in that amazing airplane. See, you could be Wonder Woman, be on the edge of fashion and take a trip to Monterey Bay for your sea kayaking! (I wonder if that suit shrinks when it gets wet?!)

Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

You and I have so much in common it is ridiculous! Guess what I ate for dinner the other night while the rest of my family was feasting on sloppy juicy bbq ribs with yummy mashed potatoes? I was eating an egg white omelette with spinach and strawberry slices! Yes, it felt good to be healthy but I was really drooling over every one else's dinner!

FranticMommy said...

holy crap you are FUNNY! I just want to share what Super Power I would want. I would want to be invisible. That way I could kick the crap outta people who desparately needed it and not get arrested. No really, I am a normal, soft cuddly person in real life!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh crap, I knew I should have stopped reading after the black sweats with the hot pink stripes!

Banteringblonde said...

Well gosh, doesn't your castle realize that you don't slam doors in front of a duchess? And the make-up ... really all you need is a little too faced brozner!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Interesting.... very interesting. And how do you feel about all this - S. Freud

Bee and Rose said...

I knew I loved you! Fresh cilantro...ain't nothin' better!

Our fashion ideas are the same and apparently so is our makeup situation:)

My favorite part...The Duchess of whatever! lol!

The Blonde Duck said...

My fellow Mexican food lover,

With your background in bio-med stuff that I can't even start to comprehend, what about being a baby nurse? Like you could hold the little pre-emie and drug babies that need love and holding hours a day?

Helene said...

I think I have the same exact same sweat pants!

And yes I can imagine that the egg white omelet tasted horrible...the taco bell sauce probably would've made it more tolerable!

This was fun to read!!

lizspin said...

Don't you know omlettes are breakfast food???

That's why it tasted so horrible!

Hit 40 said...

I had about the same thing happen with college... my mom worked at Kent State (free college). They did not have an engineering program. So, I thought - math teacher? It has worked out great.

If I could go back in time, I would want to be a lawyer. But... I also want my 2 boys!!

I love your last line... if your still reading, you're tagged! Cute. I have my posts figured out for the week. But, I'll keep it in mind if I get stuck.

for a different kind of girl said...

You know how you see people all gripy and mad that Stacy and Clinton rag on their clothes and style on What Not To Wear? I guarantee you that would not be me! In fact, I sometimes beg my friends to submit me for a WNTW makeover. If it taught me nothing but how to walk in heels, it would be worth it!

happeegrrrl said...

KathyB! You are just as cool as I had imagined you would be :P

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Learning more about Kathy B was great fun...especially the part about medical school.

It seems that we may very well be kindred spirits, my friend. You can take the girl out of the corporate world, but somehow, some of the corporate-ness she learned stays with her.


Missy said...

Love this! I love mexican too!

Jen said...

you are fascinating! I liked getting to know you better.

Femin Susan said...

Thanks for sharing this great post.I love Mexican food too.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Dutchess - much better than a queen, less responsibility and more fun. A flying dutchess, now that's a title!

It would be so fulfilling, in theory, to foster children... but the reality would take a lot of moxy. I bet you've got it in you.

ck said...


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I'd have to go with Princess. I'm snooty like that. :)

And Pre-Med? I'm going to stop googling our aliments & just email you!

Femin Susan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment. feel free to visit again.

Kristen said...

Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love mexican food, I just wish it was a little healthier. Well, you can make it healthier but I just love going to the hole in the wall mexican places- nothing better!! hehe.

bernthis said...

I'm learning Spanish as we speak so that at the very least, I can talk to my gardener and trash my ex infront of my and she will never know.

Anonymous said...

See now that I'm on the shared computer, I can comment. I love your answers. Flying would be so cool. That is so cool you were pre-med; I guess that means you're WAY SMART. I mean I saw the kind of homework you all had, and I was glad that English was a fake major. You know for 500 bucks you could buy the degree mail order. You just can't do that with pre-med.

WhisperingWriter said...

This was great.

I also wish I could clean out my fridge and replace it with cheesecake. Mmmmm...

Oh, and I LOVE Mexican food too. I love Taco Bell. I always eat mine with the fire sauce that they have. My husband always stares at me in horror when I squeeze five fire sauce packets over my grilled stuffed burrito..

Mmmm...I think I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow.

Shawn said...

Ooohh..I had missed the post before and now with this one too... all right, I guess you are allowed to move down here and by my BFF again.

Besides, I took all my premed classes also and was set to go in, but decided that my daughter needed me around more than I could be if I was going to school full-time and working full-time.

I'm a great nurse, but I like to think I'd have been a great doctor also.

See..BFF' could totally happen.

LadyFi said...

I'm obviously missing out as we don't have Taco Bell over here!

Funny post - as usual...

evenshine said...

Good at having babies, good with infants? Hmmmm...

Can you be at my house at 6?

Just kidding. But the foster kids thing sounds great, something I've always wanted to do (that, and adopt), but don't have the bucks to do right now. And surrogacy. Which you should do if it weren't against your ethics or potentially health-problematic.

And love the taco sauce too!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Enjoyable to learn more about you! ;) I can relate to a bunch of those... :)

ScoMan said...

I love the answer to the second question, that made me laugh. And the one about groceries.

Great to learn about you!