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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Okay. So I've gotten, like, 50 emails asking about the license plate that nearly caused me to have a car accident (see previous post!). I stand firm in stating that the license plate, and not my lack of attentiveness to the task at hand, nearly caused the accident. Shoot, I've even gotten a couple of comments on that post. Yay for comments! So, without further ado....


...that's the license plate. It isn't actually that difficult to puzzle through, but initially I got hung up on the GAO. I was thinking Government Accountability Office... but that's not even in the ballpark.

I'm liking this license plate for my personal car -- fair warning to those behind me., right? But I really just posted it as a break so your eye wouldn't go directly to the answer:

Georgia On My Mind


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have guessed Georgia so I am glad you posted the answer. So funny about your spider because the same thing happened Monday morning in our van, but the spider was on my daughter's window. Of course she discovered it once I had already started down the street, so she therefore screamed BLOODY MURDER the entire way to school. I was laughing partly because of your post, and partly because I am a mean mom and find humor in weird situations!
BTW, thanks for your comment about my NaNo 50,000 words! I will keep you updated!