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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 signs you've reached your pie making quota

1. You have to send your husband to the market because you've run out of pie plates.

2. The daughter who is currently assisting you with the massive pie production looks at you with eyes as wide as saucers and asks incredulously, "You mean we still have to make ANOTHER ONE?!"

3. You get busy chatting with a mommy who has dropped your daughter off and suddenly you remember the pie in the oven. Didn't the timer go off already? How long has that thing been in there anyway?! ACK!

4. The next daughter-helper is pensively stirring pumpkin custard and counting egg shells. She looks up with an expression of mild concern and says, "So how many eggs was I supposed to put in this thing anyway?"

5. The same daughter looks down at the next bowlful and cheerfully exclaims, "Hey Mom! I don't think there's any egg shells in this one!"

6. Change helpers again. This helper is measuring dry ingredients into a bowl. I casually look over to check her progress only to gasp, "Holy cow! How much sugar did you put in there anyway?!"
7. Amble over to asses progress on pies and notice a strange crunching noise underfoot as you approach the daughter who just had the excessive-sugar-in-the-dry-ingredients problem. The excessive sugar, apparently, was not confined to the mixing bowl. It's all over the floor as well.

8. Yuuummmm. Something smells really good in here!
9. Let your gaze wander around the war zone that your kitchen has become. I think we used every stinkin' mixing bowl I own. And I have a fairly impressive array of bowls. Trust me.

10. Open a new bag of flour so we can bake the last.two.pies. Peer closely into the bag to try and ascertain what those funny little flecks are. Pull your head back abruptly when you realize they are bugs. Oh my. Tell me that wasn't the last bag of flour?!

Pie making is finished.


holidayfun221 said...

How sweet! I bet the pies are delicious, even if they are a little crunchy. Is the last picture a pumpkin pie? If so, what's on the top?

Leslie M said...

I think I missed what this pie-making extravaganza was for ...

:) said...

I think the pies were for.... Thanksgiving?!?!!

Of course they're for Thanksgiving! And they look positively deelish! I know you spent a whole day on what should have only taken a few hours, but your kids will thank you for it!

Minxy Mimi said...

I hope you had more flour?!?