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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Love.... Exciting and new... Come Aboard.... We're expecting yooouuuu!

The Love Boat.... Soon will be making another run....

I think my dork quotient just increased exponentially. WHY do I know the words to the theme song of that show, like, 20 years after it went off the air.

This blog was not supposed to be about my level of dorkliness. I just got carried away. Anyway, recently we received an invitation to a party -- a themed costume party. Guests were requested to come dressed as a character from The Love Boat.

The minute I read the invitation my mind started twirling. I decided it was not enough to merely portray a cast member. Too easy. There was only really one girl on the show after all. How fun is that?! I wanted to do something grander --something with more punch -- something that would make a statement. I was silent for a few moments, and then, Poof! Inspiration struck. We would go dressed as The Love Boat. How cool would that be?

I thought the idea was brilliant. Pat thought the idea was marginal. I won. We had at least three weeks to get the costume together. I surfed around on the Internet and put together some ideas, and we discussed the costume in general terms once or twice. I did manage to find some cardboard boxes that would work for making the boat, but that's about as far as we got. I should probably say that's about as far as I got. When I decided we were going to go dressed as the boat, ownership pretty much landed in my lap.

So fast forward to the day of the party. Shoot, forget the day of the party - fast forward to 3.5 hours before we are supposed to be at the party. Guess how much of the costume is done? Never mind. I already told you. Pat flew off to Home Depot to gather some supplies, and instructed me to get a game plan while he was gone. Sheesh. I think he might have been just the tiniest bit frustrated by the tight timeline. Go figure.

In spite of the circumstances we managed to pull off a very amateurish boat. I'm fairly certain, though, that I have lost all input into future costumes.

This is the only picture of us actually in the boat. Please do not look at my upper arm in this picture. It really isn't as fat as it looks. It's just that my arm is smooshed against my body, thus, making it appear fat.


Leslie M said...

Oh wow! This is amazing! Please FedEx it here so I have something to wear for Halloween!

Your wonderful friend! said...

Oh stop it already! Your ams are NOT fat ;)

:) said...

I'll give you $50 for it!

your wonderful friend said...

I'll raise you $10 -- make it $60!