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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

I've added a new addition to my blog list. This blog is young adulthood personified.

Mostly, though, this blog makes me thankful. Thankful that I have found my soul mate, and that I don't have to muck my way through the world of dating. Yuck.

Love is like a drug. It can surely get you into trouble. And it certainly makes you do things you know you shouldn't. I won't even go into the stupidity that I've perpetrated in the name of love.

As I read this blog my heart breaks for my four, sweet girls. Ohhh, the fun that is yet to come. I wish that I could freeze them in time. So that they would never have to know the pain of rejection. Or the hurt of unrequited love. That's why I love this blog. It's human. And honest. And real. And safe to watch from the sidelines.