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Friday, September 19, 2008

THIS is what I get for trying to be productive

Another consequence of passing our one year anniversary in North Carolina is my habit of taking stock of our current life situation and comparing it to where I thought we might be as I looked forward last year.

Right now the object of my obsession is storage. One year is plenty of time to have the house unpacked and meticulously organized. We've been unpacked for months, and 95% of the house has met the organizational standard. We have plenty of storage space in our new house. I would even go so far as to say that we have more than we need. So there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be at 100%. Right?

Often times when you move into a new home you unpack things quickly to get rid of the boxes. The rationale is that this is a temporary storage solution until you get a better feel for where things should go. In our last house, the temporary home became the permanent home, and I marveled at the fact that, five years later, I still had things jammed in inconvenient spots and had never gotten around to getting everything optimally situated. I made a vow to do better in the next house.

So today, rather than dithering around on the computer and playing with the stupid rabbit, I jumped in feet first. I completely tore the laundry room, hall closet, and the craft cabinet apart. I literally dumped everything out and proceeded to sort and re-group the whole mess. I had 5 1/2 hours to dedicate to the project, and felt as though I had a fair shot of completing it in the alotted time. I had made remarkable progress, but needed some storage tubs to make it just right.

I headed down to the basement thinking that I would claim one of the small bins that my kids use to organize toys. I thought there was a spare one down there but, of course, I was mistaken. I decided to combine some items to free up a bin. I reached up while standing on my tip-toes to pull down a bin of blocks that no one has used in years. I remember thinking to myself, "be careful now, it'd be a bummer if you dropped this on your head!" I slid the bin forward ever so slowly. I thought I was careful. Except I didn't keep my fingers pressed tightly enough over the front of the bin's drawer. The drawer launched itself out of the bin and smashed straight into my mouth - BAM! I am not exaggerating when I say that drawer of blocks weighs ten pounds. There were a couple hours where my profile bore a vague resemblance to Donald Duck's.

This is the bin that attacked my face -- except mine was full of blocks

So now I have a bleeding, swollen, duck lip to commemorate the fact that I actually tried to be productive today. You can bet that the next time I feel inspired to get off my butt and do something, I'll remember getting punched in the face by a drawer full of blocks -- and I'll think twice.


Jules said...

You need apicture of your duck face instead of the drawer! Hope your duck lip has returned to normal.

Anonymous said...


Love, Kate

Amreen said...

the perils of home organisation! i often buy attractive storage containers like bamboo or paper boxes in bright colours to assist me with clutter control. Inevitably, i end up filling them with crap and instead, of going through it, buying another one to fill all over again...