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Monday, September 22, 2008


Lots of exciting firsts around here lately.

Neither Abby nor Emily had lost a tooth before last week. This is surprising to us as Rach and Hannah had each lost half a dozen teeth by first grade. We were beginning to think Abby and Emily would have those impossibly straight baby teeth forever.

Abby came to me last week complaining that her teeth hurt. I was checking her gums for a canker sore when I discovered her floppy tooth hanging as if by a string. Yuck. Blood I can handle. Wiggly teeth not so much. I don't know what it is, but they give me the heebie-jeebies.
Abby made quick work of the tooth and proceeded to pull it out while in bed that night. She also wiped her bloody hands and mouth all over her nice, clean, white sheets. I have gotten blood out of numerous items of clothing and even furniture over the years, but these sheets are not coming clean. Abby sleeps in a loft bed, though, and you can't actually see her sheets unless you physically climb up there. Does it make me a bad mommy if I put those stained sheets back up on the bed and pretend as though they are still crisp and blemish free? 'Cuz that's what I did.

In news of other firsts, Emily got her first tie-up shoes, and learned to tie them herself. I know most kids learn this in kindergarten, but I was not taking any chances. It's challenging enough getting four kids out the door in a timely fashion. I already wrangle lunchboxes, lost coats, last minute practices of oral presentations, as well as my own personal appearance. I do not need to wrangle shoelaces.
The thing I love most about this picture of Emily, though, is her fashion sense. Check out the brand-spankin'-new-blue skips paired with the orange Halloween socks. The funny thing is she has the sparky personality and confident swagger to actually (almost) pull it off. It is always a treat to see what Emily comes down with in the morning. Even when all of her clothes match perfectly she has a flair for doing her hair or finding a headband or doing something to make herself look uniquely -- Emily!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear from you, and to see parts of your world. We are all doing well. Kids growing up way to fast. What's your e-mail address? All our best.

The Rosenthals

Ken said...

Can't wait to get back there and see everyone and all the activities, excitement and adventures...ken

Anonymous said...

Fabulous fashion! If only the adults could carry themselves with such confidence!!

Anonymous said...

Blu and green ... she's a trendsetter for sure :)