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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time Flies (aka the reflection post)

We have been gone for a year. It is quite surreal. I feel as though I have moved on, and yet I can picture my favorite places as vividly as if I was still there. It feels as though we have been gone forever, and yet it seems as though we just left. When I type my address at checkout (I am a huge online shopper) I no longer automatically begin to enter our old California address. Yet, conversely, when we were on vacation and I was asked where we are from I said California. Knowing that we have an anniversary upon us has made me reflective. Inevitably the comparisons between "then" and "now" push to the front of my mind. I think this move would have been easier if we weren't so happy where we were. But then I wonder if I haven't glossed over the old flaws. Nothing is ever perfect. I keep trying to find the California in North Carolina. Silly, I know. It's like trying to find a blueberry inside of a strawberry, but still I can't help but try. It isn't so much that one is better than the other, just different.

We have settled into a routine, and things are as calm as can possibly be expected. But I think I left my heart in San Francisco.


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