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Saturday, June 28, 2008

These are the stinky feets pics!

So these are the pictures that I wanted to include with the Field Day post. I have been having ridiculous tech problems, and couldn't get my computer access to enough bandwidth to actually achieve a photo upload. Do you like how I used the word "bandwidth" in a sentence? I'm pretty sure I used it correctly, too. All this blogging is making me feel very 21st century and techie!
So this is Emily during the Sneaker Hunt. She was definitely a part of the problem! She was the one that I originally referenced that did not want to put her shoes on until she had removed all of the blades of grass from her socks!!! I tried to explain that this is a race, and quickness (not cleanliness) counts. I had an out of body experience when I told her cleanliness doesn't count.

This is Rachel's new posse. She has hooked up with a great bunch of girls. Aren't they cute?! The boy with the extra stinky feet was in her class. Rach said he took his shoes off in class once and stunk the whole classroom up before the teacher could tell him to get his shoes back on. His shoes should probably be classified as biological weapons.

Here is Rachel finishing the Hat and Bat relay. I honestly don't know why this picture is in here, but it was such a pain to get pix in my blog again that I am going to keep it here -- just on principle.

Here is Hannah's class. They were one of my initial groups. I tried out my initial comedy routine with them. I was going to type out my little spiel on the blog so you could all revel in my wittiness. But as I thought it back through it doesn't really seem that funny. The kids thought it was funny, though. I think. Did I mention that it was really hot and I didn't have any water?!

Here is Hannah half through the Sneaker Hunt. She looks like she is running hard!

Here is the first set of kindergarteners. They were just getting ready to unleash their mischief upon me. It's hard to believe that a bunch of little cuties can cause so much trouble!

And here is round two of the kindergarteners getting ready to throw their shoes in with the first groups shoes. As I reflect back I wonder if part of the problem was that I was trying to take pictures when I should have been monitoring the kiddos more closely. Hmmmm.


Leslie M said...

LOVE Rachel's hair short!