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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Swim Team Begins!

Yesterday was an exciting day for us. The girls had their first swim team practice, and it went really well. One of the challenges of moving to North Carolina has been helping the girls find their niche. I really feel it is important that they have some sport or hobby in which they regularly participate. Something to keep them grounded and focused as they get older. Something that will keep them from becoming boy crazy when they are teenagers!!

We have tried all sorts of activities over the years. Rachel has her horseback riding, and Hannah and Emily and Abby enjoy gymnastics. We will encourage the girls to have fun with these, but they also really don't seem to be their "thing." Well, except Rachel's horseback riding. That is definitely her thing, and we'll pursue that to the degree that finances allow!! Anyway, finding a person's "thing" is not an easy task! Any slight indication that you might be heading in the correct direction is encouraging.

Swim team was an activity that I sort of had to sell. Rachel had done synchronized swimming, and a Fall swim program when she was younger. I really had to talk Rachel into this. She had the been-there-done-that-and-it-wasn't-really-fun mentality. Back when Rachel finished her first swim program I can remember her asking me, "Mommy, what new strokes will they teach us next year?" I replied that, other than the butterfly, there really weren't any other strokes. I explained that the purpose was to get better at the strokes so she could swim faster and race with other swimmers. Rachel looked at me and said very seriously, "So, what's the point?" Clearly, at that young age racing was not her thing. Hannah was mildly interested. She is also super competitive. I was cautiously optimistic that she might be motivated by the opportunity to compete individually. Abby and Emily were comparatively easy. They heard swimming pool and new bathing suit, and they were all over it!

We arrived at the first practice with an open mind, and it was great! The kids had so much fun. When they got up this morning Emily asked if today was Wednesday. I confirmed that it was and she said, "Good! If today is Wednesday, then tomorrow is Thursday, and Thursday is swim team!"

So one practice down and many more to go. It'll be fun to see if anyone finds their "thing!"

This was Hannah's first attempt off the diving platform. It turned out just like it looks -- BELLYFLOP! By the end of practice, though, she had it nailed.

Abby (left) and Emily had soooo much fun! They made a lot of progress in one lesson, too. They both learned to dive into the pool without holding their nose. It seems that it is hard to swim fast when one whole arm/hand is holding onto your nose instead of helping you swim!

Rachel is rockin' her new team swim suit, and swim cap

Hannah LOVED swim team, but was disappointed that they didn't order her the correct suit size!


Anonymous said...

I love it, I love it, I love it!!! I am so happy that you have joined the 21st Century bandwagon and started a family blog! Yippee! (Can you tell I am just a little bit excited?) Love you so much, and will get on that email back to you either today or tomorrow...I hope. My boys turn 3 today, sniff. I can't can't believe it has already been three years! Gosh! Ok, love it, love YOU, and talk with you soon~Michelle