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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Say Hello to the...

I wish I was better at blogging, but I'll get there... maybe. A friend sent me a tool that I could insert into the html code of my blog so that I could count the number of visitors. Sounds fun, right?! The tool came with idiot-proof instructions for installation, and yet I still got an error! Notice there is still no counter on my blog.
Anyway, after I solve the html mystery I am going to try to add some music in key spots. This post would be perfect! The girls swim for the Hammerheads, and it kills me not to have the theme music to the movie Jaws playing in the background. So wrong, yet so right!
Emily got the first ever Hammerhead ribbon. She took first place in the backstroke. It is a shame that I couldn't get my video file on here (boy, I should keep a list of all my tech troubles. We can check back at the end of the year and see celebrate all of my progress. Don't laugh.) Her age group was adorable doing the back stroke. They were all trying so hard to kick that they looked like they should have been in A Chorus Line. They were kicking that high!

Abby won ribbons in backstroke, freestyle and breast stroke. She is a little fish! She was so proud when they called her up three separate times.

Rachel was the surprise of the night. She hasn't really had any formal swim team training. She competed with girls who had been swimming on teams for a few years, and held her own. She earned three ribbons! She is tall and strong, and I think that really works to her advantage.

Hannah is our little competitor (followed closely by Abby!). She has had NO swim lessons let alone swim team experience, and she ribboned in all three categories. She needs to work on her starts and her entry dives as she gets a slow start, but she recoups her time with sheer strength and determination.

Emily before her first race. We tried the swim cap thing, but she looked like a conehead! We decided to take it off.

Abby had the same conehead problem. We are going to have to get some mentoring on how to wear a swim cap.

Rachel and Hannah were so excited they actually stopped squabbling with each other. And they got their swim caps on properly. Score!


Anonymous said...

I hope you guys are having a blast at G&G's! I know Mom is sad that she wasn't able to make it. I didn't even know that everyone was making it back again! You can see how out of the loop we are. Sheesh. Can't wait to hear how everything went!

Kathy B! said...

how are you guys?! Having a good summer I hope?